Grace Beauty is making doing one's makeup accessible to more, creating tools designed for those with conditions that can make gripping cosmetic tools difficult

Applying mascara might seem like a common, everyday procedure, but for consumers with certain conditions, traditional brushes and tubes can be difficult to use. As identified by PSFK analysts in a recent research paper on Designing For Accessibility, cosmetics brand Grace Beauty is reinventing the applicator to make products easier to apply for more consumers.

The startup is simplifying the application process primarily through its beauty add-ons. Grace Beauty launched three specially built tools: the Ring Grip, Safe Grip and Square Grip to ease and steady the user's hand. The grips clamp onto the mascara applicator's base and offer a handhold to apply the product with.

Designed so consumers can wield the applicator more easily and offer a softer grasp, the tools help people have more control over their beauty routine. The design is created to fit onto most mascaras on the market for optimal accessibility.

Grace Beauty