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Amazon’s ‘Dash Cart’ Auto-Charges Customers for Checkout-Free Shopping

Amazon's ‘Dash Cart' Auto-Charges Customers for Checkout-Free Shopping

This smart shopping cart leverages leading-edge technology for faster, contactless grocery store shopping


According to Amazon, the Dash Cart leverages computer vision algorithms in conjunction with sensor tech to identify goods in shoppers' carts. Then, when customers exit the store via a special Amazon Dash Cart lane, the order in their carts is automatically charged to the credit card associated with their Amazon account.

The Dash Cart streamlines store traffic and alleviates congestion—changes that are especially important now, during the pandemic, as customers look to minimize their time spent indoors among others. The cart is available now at Amazon Fresh grocery stores. Shoppers can activate the cart with QR code in the Amazon app. The cart is designed to fit enough groceries for about two bags—it's intended for small or medium shopping trips, not for stocking the whole kitchen.

A screen on top of the cart can show users their Alexa shopping list and can calculate their subtotal, so they don't go over budget. The in-cart coupon scanner can also apply discounts as users shop, allowing for easy savings.

PSFK's researchers have identified the dash cart as one way that retailers are using self-service technology to manage store traffic and enable more flexible store formats for a dynamic era of retail. Check out the rest here!

Amazon Dash Cart