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Chanel Expands Luxe Beauty’s Reach With ‘Boy de Chanel’ Collection

Chanel Expands Luxe Beauty's Reach With ‘Boy de Chanel' Collection

The French luxury brand is expanding its beauty audience with a line of skincare and cosmetic products designed to better accommodate male consumers

“Beauty knows no gender,” reads the site for Chanel's recent collection of skincare and makeup products targeted at men. As identified by PSFK analysts for our new research on inclusive and accessible developments in the beauty world, this norm-exploding launch marks a major stride for the luxury brand, as it dips its toes into the growing men's beauty pool.

Called “Boy de Chanel,” the line includes a skincare routine as well as light makeup and grooming steps. Products include a cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation for blurring and evening skintone, a pencil & brush for eyebrow and other facial hair setting, a transparent lip balm in a lipstick-like tube, and a ‘Bleu de Chanel' eau de parfum to finish off. The collection retails in the luxury price-point range, with the facial cleanser at $45 and the foundation at $65. The aesthetic of Boy de Chanel is decidedly in line with a more traditional idea of masculinity, featuring deep midnight-blue tones in the product packaging and bottles, and minimal to no color in the makeup itself.

To accompany the products, Chanel created video shorts excerpted from dedicated full-length video content on its YouTube channel demonstrating best practices for use. The French designer brand is joining the growing ranks of beauty and fashion names investing in gender-fluid and male-focused iterations of products that have been viewed as female-only in the past: Charlotte Tilbury's site features a “Makeup for Men” edit, Rihanna's Fenty debuted a Gentlemen's Fenty Face box set, and Birchbox famously rebranded Birchbox Man to Birchbox Grooming in an effort to be more gender-neutral.