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Fashion Brand Ruti Is Building The Hyper-Personalized Store Of The Future

Fashion Brand Ruti Is Building The Hyper-Personalized Store Of The Future

The luxury brand is pioneering the next gen of seamless store experiences by letting consumers opt in to a facial-recognition and data-storing program for hyper-personalized curation

Walking into the fashion and apparel retailer Ruti, consumers may find that store associates immediately recognize their size and style preferences. How? As identified by PSFK researchers in our recent report about the future of retail, this seamless convenience is due to the store's use of facial recognition technology, including a series of cameras located on the premises that photograph customers when they arrive (granted shoppers give permission, of course).

The detection tech allows for an elevated level of customer service that caters to consumers' preferences for personalized and streamlined store experiences that bridge the physical-digital divide. Additionally, storing personal style, size profile and shopping history in the CRM system allows sales associates to pull hyper-tailored product recommendations for each unique customer.

Consumers can opt into the recognition service and decide whether or not they wish for their data to be stored in the system—ultimately giving customer the power to leverage their own data and design a tailored experience on their own terms. The California-native luxury brand announced in a press release that it had secured $6 million in funding to expand its footprint equipped with these personalization-enhancing capabilities.