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Tinker Kitchen Is A Shared Space For Food Experimentation

Tinker Kitchen Is A Shared Space For Food Experimentation

This California kitchen-share is helping cooks of all stripes practice their skills and learn new ones on their own terms Tinker Kitchen in San Francisco bills itself as a marker space for cooking, offering members access to full equipped commercial-grade kitchens where they can learn and experiment with food. Tinker Kitchen has no reservation system, allowing members to check a shared calendar and drop by during opening hours. In addition to kitchen access, membership includes access to special events, cooking classes, dishwashing help and the option to join culinary clubs that meet regularly.

Located in San Francisco, the Tinker Kitchen bills itself as a maker space for cooking and creativity. The establishment geared towards amateurs and pros alike in need of a palce and equipment to pursue their culinary projects invites members to drop by whenever they need a place to create—or even just hang out.

Operating via a no-reservations system, Tinker lets interested parties just check its calendar for availability. In addition to providing fully equipped facilities, the shared kitchen space also hosts a multitude of classes covering how to make pasta, ice cream and more, in addition to offering other group activities and even allowing for commercial use upon special request, according to the company's site. Overall, Tinker works to democratize access for anyone looking to learn, experiment and grow their culinary chops, tapping into the on-the-rise sharing economy, which has experienced tremendous growth and is projected to be worth $300 billion by 2025.*

PSFK analysts spotlit Tinker Kitchen in a recent research paper delving into the bustling peer-to-peer space, which spans all verticals and is transforming the ways businesses connect with and serve consumers. For more inspiration from innovators like Tinker that are engaging in the increasingly popular practice of P2P play, check out the research here!

*Distributed Technologies To Bootstrap The Sharing Economy.” Open Access Government, 2019