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This Closet-Sharing App Interviews Potential Members Before Letting Them Join

This Closet-Sharing App Interviews Potential Members Before Letting Them Join

Tulerie is a P2P apparel-sharing mobile experience that takes building a trustworthy community seriously, FaceTiming with each interested candidate before inviting them to join the eco-minded platform

“We no longer live in a world where it's acceptable to wear something once,” reads Tulerie's homepage. The peer-to-peer sharing service for clothing and accessories takes the form of a mobile app targeted at luxury and sustainability-oriented consumers, encouraging women to broaden their network of closets to borrow from and lend to.

As PSFK analysts noted in our recent dive into the peer-to-peer economy, sharing platforms have taken off across verticals in the past few years as customers continue to demonstrate interest in eco-minded and circular consumption patterns. Tulerie's model sets itself apart in one regard, however: It requires all interested parties to partake in a 10-minute FaceTime interview before being accepted into its sharing community. Tulerie claims that this screening element is part of its dedication to building a community of trusted peers, ensuring that users will have confidence in exchanging personal belongings.

Invited parties can then share and ‘shop' clothing on the service's app, where they pay a fee to borrow items and make money when peers take out items that they have listed. Members can also chat directly to address any specific questions they may have about an item. Closing the loop, Tulerie will even collect clothing that members no longer wear and donate it to its partner RewearAble, which sorts and preps items for their next incarnation.