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Gaming-Hotels Offer Immersive Entertainment Experiences

Gaming-Hotels Offer Immersive Entertainment Experiences

Jumping on the big opportunity the booming gaming and esports space offers, Atari is parlaying its brand into a new video game-focused lodging and hospitality experience, complete with next-gen AR & VR capabilities and events spaces

As more brands and retailers find ways to enter the lucrative esports arena, one gaming brand is taking its entertainment prowess into the hospitality space: Atari, known for its presence in the video game and consumer electronics markets, announced its plans to launch a gaming-dedicated hotel chain this year, set to debut in Phoenix, AZ.

Called Atari Hotels, the destinations are designed to create an immersive stay for guests of all ages, leveraging augmented and virtual reality technologies in addition to venue and studio spaces to host events like esports tournaments. “Atari Hotels will be the first of their kind in the U.S., offering gamers of all ages the ultimate in immersive entertainment and in every aspect of gaming,” said Shelly Murphy, CEO at GSD group (an innovation and strategy agency leading the hotel development), in a statement. “We’re excited to be working on this project with such great partners and to bring a big win to Arizona.”

This development comes on the heels of other brands like Five Below, Walmart and Stockholm's Space center bringing major esports and gaming venues to players the world over. For the latest in innovation from gaming names (and more) like Atari as they leverage state of-the-art tech and facilities to tap the powerful gaming community, check out PSFK's new research paper called Innovative Gaming Experiences, which offers a tour from U.S. coast to coast.