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Turning Grocery Rejects Into Discounted DTC Subscriptions

Turning Grocery Rejects Into Discounted DTC Subscriptions

Imperfect Foods takes unwanted produce and other grocery items from farms and stores to fight food waste and offer customers direct-to-door groceries at prices 30% lower than market value

Food waste at various stages of the supply chain is a lingering problem—to the effect that 40% of food in the U.S. goes uneaten. Not only does this pose environmental problem, but it also points out massive inefficiencies, indicates mismatched supply and demand, and results in economic losses for retailers and consumers alike.

To combat these issues, Imperfect Foods was born. Noticing the opportunities that wasted food deemed unfit for sale but actually perfectly fit for consumption presented, the subscription grocery service's founders decided to partner with the farms and grocers disposing of surplus, discontinued or just cosmetically under-par produce and goods. Imperfect then takes these items to offer its customers a choice of delivery and shopping options, bringing their groceries directly to their door—and at significantly lower prices than market value.

Courtesy Imperfect Foods

PSFK first spoke to the retailer when it was still Imperfect Produce back in May of 2019. Co-founder Ben Simon told us, “Our vision is to be the first national online grocery resource that's actually cheaper than driving to the grocery store. That's something we're already doing as the largest national produce home delivery service. As we evolve our model to be more of a socially conscious and affordable grocery store over the course of the next year, and have a whole array of groceries, we plan to make that vision a reality.” Looks like they've done just that!

Imperfect Foods

Lead image: Courtesy Imperfect Foods