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Engaging Customers through Package-Free Sustainability

Engaging Customers through Package-Free Sustainability

A sustainability-focused ecommerce platform runs two NYC outposts to make it easy for shoppers to keep their eco impact low

Brands and retailers are building eco-friendliness into their business models from the get-go through various strategies connected to  sustainability. One policy is to avoid packaging altogether: Package Free, an ecomm platform with two IRL locations,  focuses on giving consumers the household and personal care products they want while significantly reducing or completely eliminating materials like wrappers and bottles.

Package Free's founder is known for her focus on the zero waste movement, which informs the retailer's ethos. With the slogan “On a mission to make the world less trashy,” the marketplace strives to make sustainable living something consumers can stick to, as well as provide them with a resource for low-waste living. Accordingly, customers of the digital or physical outposts will find at their disposal a bevy of items sourced from sustainable makers, including everything from grooming products like razors and soap to household necessities like dishwashing brushes and even biodegradable pickup bags for dog waste.

Package Free works with all of its featured brands to sell the items without containers like plastic bottles or wrapping, or at least offer products housed in re-fillable or degradable materials. The store currently has two offline outposts around New York: One in Manhattan's Chelsea Market, and its own standalone location in Brooklyn and was recently featured in PSFK's New York Retail Innovation Guide report.

Package Free