Seed is a DTC subscription probiotics maker that takes education seriously, requiring its brand reps to complete a multi-stage course and pass an exam to ensure consumers are informed correctly

Consumers today are woke to the ploys of marketing—and also to the inadequacies of the internet when it comes to providing reliable information. This can pose problem for brands looking to build their accountability and trust, especially when it comes to topics or information that may be new to consumers, or not commonly known. Moreover, the explosion of influencers online today can make it easy for the wrong information to spread, damaging customer trust further.

Some brands are taking the initiative to stop the dispersion of misinformation, like Seed: The DTC maker of a pre- and probiotic subscription designed to promote digestive, heart, immune and skin health, not only offers visitors to its site a plethora of resources and info created by its team of doctors and scientists, but even requires all of its partners and promoters to graduate from its @SeedUniversity—an Instagram ‘school' founded to ensure proper consumer education and consistency. The six-unit course takes about an hour to complete, and is intended to make the science behind the product easy to digest for ultimate accessibility, covering bacteria, the microbiome and human biology.

As co-founder and co-CEO Ara Katz writes in her medium post about the university, requiring all partners to “learn before they link” is part of the brand's commitment to fostering accountability and consumer trust, which is something PSFK has tracked as increasingly key to success today. We spotlit Seed in a recent presentation we published on innovation in CPG experiences like food & beverage in particular—for more examples of how category pioneers are innovating to meet emerging consumer needs, check out the deck here!