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Adding Content To The Delivery Experience

Adding Content To The Delivery Experience

Yes Plz wraps its direct-to-door roasts in its own branded magazine, offering subscribers a content & commerce coffee strategy

Rapidly evolving consumer expectations within both the food and beverage industry are driving innovation at new speeds. DTC coffee roaster Yes Plz is one such company delivering creative innovation, offering releases of custom blends with a side of monthly print media.


Driven by a desire to make quality roasts accessible for all consumers, Yes Pls offers a flexible subscription model, allowing users to stock up on their source of caffeine on a weekly to monthly basis—a convenient experience that customers can adapt to suit their day-to-day schedule. Additionally, adding a personal touch to the at-home coffee experience, the coffee brand’s printed zine accompanies consumers' delivery of roast, and offers an example of how direct-to-consumer CPGers are innovating around the concept of commerce and content.  

The 16 page mini magazine is called Yes Plz Weekly and printed on large-format newsprint so that it can wrap around the bag of coffee. The coffee company says on its site:

“Every month our team of weirdos assembles fun and fantastic writing on culture, music, culinary arts, interviews, comics, and a lot of surprises. You’re gonna love it.”

CPG space and beyond are reaching and connecting with customers in new ways along the purchase path, For more insights from food & bev sector check out PSFK's new presentation, Beverage Experience Trends