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Patagonia Empowers Customers to Make Repairs via Online Sewing Tutorials

Patagonia Empowers Customers to Make Repairs via Online Sewing Tutorials

Patagonia is pursuing sustainability through its Worn Wear initiative, providing consumers with step-by-step guides to repairing common wear and tear for apparel life extension

How can we buy less and get more out of what we already own? It’s a question not only for consumers but also for brands that want to continue to grow responsibly. Outdoor clothing company Patagonia is promoting sustainability by educating its customers on how to prolong the life of its products.

While Patagonia clothing is designed to be tough enough to endure the elements during outdoor exploration, a little wear and tear can occur with prolonged use. Via its Worn Wear initiative, the brand not only accepts and repairs damaged items but also empowers customers to make their own repairs through online tutorials.

Through its partnership with iFixit, Patagonia customers can learn basic sewing techniques like sewing a button or how to thread a sewing machine, while product guides across a variety of categories like outerwear and luggage help with even more advanced repairs like replacing zippers on jackets or handles on bags and leather goods.

The brand also sponsors events around the U.S. where customers can bring their products in person to be repaired. By enabling customers to make repairs to their goods as well as keep what they already own, Patagonia adds value to its brand by making customers feel like their clothing is something to keep for a lifetime, further strengthening the connection they feel with the brand. For more from similar retailers enabling more sustainable and circular business models, see PSFK's dedicated research paper.

Patagonia Worn Wear