The in-game "Uncensored Library" features wings each dedicated to a particular country and containing work banned from circulation there

Reporters Without Borders is using subversive methods to bypass national censorship laws and deliver banned news content from places like Saudi Arabia or Russia to Minecraft players worldwide.

The recently launched “Uncensored Library” was created in collaboration with reporters from some of the world’s most politically oppressed countries, as well as Minecraft players, who helped craft the in-game library.

The massive virtual building has several wings, each dedicated to a particular country and writings which have been banned there, or contain pieces authored by persecuted journalists, in addition to more general articles describing the state of press freedom in countries around the world.

Featured works include writings by Vietnam's Nguyen Van Dai, arrested in 2015 for propaganda against the state; Alexander Skobov, a dissident left-wing journalist from Russia; and Jamal Khashoggi, The Washington Post journalist whose 2018 assassination in Sadia Arabia garnered worldwide headlines.

The Library serves as an example of the ways in which online platforms can be used in unintended ways, as well as how to deliver information to audiences where they already exist online.