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Best Buy Goes Curbside-Only while Closing Stores to Customers

Best Buy Goes Curbside-Only while Closing Stores to Customers

From offering free doorstep delivery to mandating curbside-only retrieval, the retailer is showcasing its agility with business operations, continuing to make sales while greatly reducing contact

U.S. consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has sharply pivoted its business model during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on contactless means to satisfy consumer demand.

To do so, the company announced its shift to curbside pick-up and drop-off for online orders, as well as the offer of free home delivery. While the retailer temporarily cancelled all contact-requiring services like installations or repairs for such goods as washing machines or larger  kitchen appliances, it is now providing virtual consults to assist customers with their needs. Virtual in-home sessions let customers schedule a time, then connect with an advisor who will decide whether to meet over video or phone conference.

Best Buy is one of the retailers PSFK identified recently as a particularly strong case of a legacy company that has swiftly pivoted amidst the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining as many of its operations as possible by innovating its distribution strategy. For the full list of inspiring examples across verticals and points along the customer journey, click here.

Best Buy