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Finland’s Elevated Package Locker Brings Ecommerce Brands to Life

Finland's Elevated Package Locker Brings Ecommerce Brands to Life

Located in Helsinki, the world's largest package locker not only serves click-and-collect customers; while boasting fitting rooms, a lounge and more consumer-facing services, it also provides digital natives the chance to activate

In Finland, click and collect is elevating its game. In the country's capital city, the national postal service, Posti, has created a location for online order retrieval unlike any other, building a facility that doubles as a lab for ecommerce brands to pilot and connect with customers IRL.

Called Box by Posti, the multifunctional parcel locker was designed to do much more than help customers collect after they click. Posti built the site to function as a testing ground for its business development, helping it understand what services consumers like most, while also helping potential future partners get off the ground. Giving digital natives the chance to debut in its showroom in the bustling city center, Box helps brands debut new products, conduct research with customers, and even hold live PR events.

Beyond serving as a future laboratory, Posti's elevated package locker also boasts value-added customer services, like on-premise fitting rooms for easy try-ons, an unboxing area, and even recycling options, enabling a more seamless, convenient, and sustainable post-purchase experience to consumers.

Box by Posti