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An Osaka ‘Counseling Cafe’ Directs Tourists to J-Beauty Hotspots

An Osaka ‘Counseling Cafe' Directs Tourists to J-Beauty Hotspots

Providing one-to-one expert consults with medical interpreters, MARU strives to be Japan's go-to resource for choosing the right beauty and wellness services

In a country known for its cosmetics industry, a new concept cafe is providing expert guidance to visitors in search of the right products and treatment. Located in the city of Osaka, MARU is billed as Japan's first “Beauty Counseling Cafe,” connecting foreigners with medical interpreters of English and Chinese in a relaxed environment to provide educational resources and direction.

While MARU's website is yet to launch, a press release details that the interpreters are equipped to provide services such as counseling, reserving, and interpretive attendance for cosmetic procedures. For those visitors who are more hesitant, the establishment encourages meeting in its relaxed ‘cafe' atmosphere, and invites clients to bring friends.

In addition to its commitment to serving customers the most up-to-date information on beauty salons, clinics, and hospitals, MARU also provides sampling services, offering visitors the chance to test beauty products and even certain health foods. MARU ultimately acts as a trusted resource and discovery zone within Japan's busy beauty space, simplifying access for and fostering confidence in its clients.