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ShopRite’s Virtual Dietitian Service Supports Healthy Customers During COVID-19

ShopRite's Virtual Dietitian Service Supports Healthy Customers During COVID-19

After debuting consults with registered dietitians for its store shoppers, now the New Jersey supermarket is moving the service online to provide continued support

ShopRite grocery isn't dropping its value-added services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the supermarket is continuing its support of customers' health goals by offering virtual one-to-one consultations.

To enable the online sessions with registered dietitians, ShopRite partnered with HERO,  a conversational commerce app that instantly connects in-store associates with online customers. While originally designed to help stores increase their competitive edge and make optimal use of in-store staff, HERO's platform is now helping retailers continue to serve and connect with customers virtually during this time of low-contact.

Accessible during working hours on weekdays, ShopRite's online consults cover such topics as nutrition, healthy diets and even wellbeing, and are free for customers. PSFK identified the U.S. East Coast grocery chain as a retailer taking innovative action to continue its service and support to consumers in the added-value category—for the entire list across all points of the customer journey, check out the full article here!