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Korea-Based Ecomm Delivers Orders Within Hours Thanks to Frictionless Logistics

Korea-Based Ecomm Delivers Orders Within Hours Thanks to Frictionless Logistics

Often referred to as the “Amazon of South Korea,” eCommerce company Coupang has come to dominate the local market through its proprietary end-to-end fulfillment and logistics operations that deliver millions of items to customers’ doors within hours

Through its “Rocket Delivery” service, 99.3% of all Coupang‘s orders arrive within just one day, with many hand-delivered in minutes. Tens of thousands of items, from electronics and beauty products to fresh produce, are also available for Dawn Delivery, which guarantees arrival by 7 a.m. on orders placed before midnight the previous day.

This is all made possible because of Coupang’s end-to-end integration of the entire eCommerce experience, with fulfillment infrastructure, last-mile delivery networks, and the underlying technology all built from scratch to work together seamlessly.

End-to-end integration allows for innovations such as boxless delivery. Because Coupang has its own delivery network, it can ship even delicate items such as liquid detergent without a box, using technology to ensure that the item stays verticle and never falls over during delivery. This makes dealing with packages easier for the customer, cuts down on waste, and reduces costs.