Fast is delivering on the seamless, efficient experiences online shoppers demand—while helping to curb cart abandonment for retailers

With as many as 70% of customers abandoning their online shopping cart according to recent statistics, streamlining and simplifying the checkout process can make the difference between a successful sale and a lost one.

Fast is a checkout services startup that promises to simplify the digital checkout experience. Through its one-click login, one-click payment, and (for customers who opt-in) one-click data access services, shoppers only need to input their data one time into a “short, optimized checkout form” that asks for their email name, phone, address and credit card number.

After this, Fast saves those details so that customers can make one-click purchases anytime they see Fast checkout button on a retailer’s website. By removing the need to input personal data each time a purchase is made and enabling one-click purchases on a variety of websites, customers save time and can more successfully purchase the items they want, while retailers lose fewer sales to abandoned carts.