To simplify the shopping experience, markets are implementing six-foot social-distance solutions to guide shoppers safely through the location

As everyone is figuring out how best to balance safety concerns with the need for people to continue to shop for essentials and other items through the current crisis, retailers are designing in-store experiences with preventative measures in mind.

Dutch design firm Shift Architecture Urbanism is lending a hand to open air and other outdoor retailers in particular, helping smaller business stay afloat. The group created a social distancing solution for local markets: a 16-square grid, which is delineated on the ground of the location with tape and barriers, as well as a sectioned-off queue area that is marked for required standing distance between customers. The design also regulates traffic between entrance and exit to streamline the shopping process for customers and allow for efficient flow.

While this is just one creative example of what socially distanced shopping could look like for smaller retailers, larger stores can utilize in-store technology to better monitor and limit capacity, or even install digital signage to uphold physical distancing measures.

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