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Zappos Hotline Answers Consumers’ Questions About Anything

Zappos Hotline Answers Consumers' Questions About Anything

The ecommerce giant is showing its support of consumers' wellbeing during COVID-19 by offering a free ask-me-anything hotline and concierge service

Chatting with customer service representatives just got a lot more interesting, thanks to footwear e-tailer Zappos' helpful hotline, which goes far beyond orders and returns. Dubbed Customer Service for Anything, the free chat service enables consumers to call, email or text in to discuss any topic of their choice.

Whether a customer is curious about their local grocery store's inventory to cook up their favorite recipe, or the latest show recommendations available on Netflix, the customer loyalty team provides answers one-to-one support seamlessly.  Accessible to all consumers regardless of purchases made, the hotline offers the ease of solutions. Equipped with a results-driven concierge service, the hotline seeks to assist consumers in their day-to-day lives, from placing food orders at local restaurants to relaying COVID-19 guidelines in the caller's area.

Launching new services around mental health, wellbeing and support, brands are creating greater points of connection via mobile and other platforms, especially amidst the challenges of social distancing. Zappos in particular is leveling-up its customer service game, showcasing its commitment to helping customers in meaningful ways that address their most important concerns, and helping encourage lasting loyalty.

Customer Service for Anything

Lead image: Zappos