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DTC Coffee Brand Closes Shop—and Ships Direct to Home

DTC Coffee Brand Closes Shop—and Ships Direct to Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, Alfred's is shuttering its doors and creating a direct-to-door subscription service

Ordering your morning coffee just got a lot easier thanks to coffee brand Alfred's subscription service, which lets members order and enjoy their coffee in the comfort of their own home. After the brand's brick-and-mortar stores closed due to the pandemic, the coffee shop shifted focus from in-store offerings to a coffee subscription program that not only delivers roasts direct, but also provides tools and instructions for at-home brewing.

The DTC concept automatically refills subscribers' coffee each month, and provides the resources on how to make their favorite coffee via social media postings. In particular, the brand showcases coffee tutorials including “how to make cold brew at home” to encourage customers to stay in stay safe—without compromising their coffee routine. And the on-demand tips don't stop there—Alfred's also lists a hotline on its site for consumers to text with their q's.

Adapting core operations to meet the needs of the customer, brands are quickly transitioning their business models to survive the pandemic. For more inspiration from brands like Alfred's, check out all the trends and accompanying examples in PSFK's Future Of Retail Playbook 2020.