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How a Corporate Wellness Network Is Healing the Modern Workplace

How a Corporate Wellness Network Is Healing the Modern Workplace

Identified in PSFK research on the rapidly transforming workplace, Wellbeings is empowering organizations to care for their employees through virtual experiential labs and mindfulness sessions

Even before the pandemic, enterprises were beginning to recognize the benefits to business and staff alike of taking an active role in employee wellbeing. In response to the uniquely challenging events of 2020, this attention to wellness has increased, becoming a priority for some organizations who now seek to offer staff access to physical and mental-health resources—in some cases even providing money to cover the cost of various individual therapies.

A platform called Wellbeings has taken note, and is enhancing the process of connecting corporations with wellness service providers. The network consists of hundreds of yogis, meditation instructors, doctors and dietitians available to host experiential labs, guided meditations, 1:1 calls, south bath experiences, intuitive eating workshops and more, all tailored for a work context and designed to enable on-the-job wellness as well as strong leadership.

Wellbeings has partnered with the likes of PepsiCo and Spotify, and offers virtual experiential labs to continue helping organizations care for their employees in a largely remote workscape. Wellbeings is just one of the innovative services and solution providers PSFK researchers have identified as helping to transform the modern workplace—check out the full research paper here.