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Meet the Emergency Preparedness Brand That Launched Before the Pandemic

Meet the Emergency Preparedness Brand That Launched Before the Pandemic

In this video interview, PSFK's President of Research & Strategy speaks to Simon Huck, founder of JUDY, to learn how the new kind of emergency preparedness brand is empowering Americans with curated, reliable education, digital tools—and a healthy dose of optimism

Unpreparedness is an undeniable factor in the U.S. experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, on both macro and micro levels. Simon Huck was already tracking a lack of preparation before the pandemic struck, however. Despite a climate of raging forest fires and increasingly severe storms, Huck found that when it came to making arrangements for emergencies and securing access to reliable resources, Americans were less than ready for the unexpected.

This insight inspired him to co-found JUDY, an emergency preparedness brand that launched just before the 2020 pandemic hit. Focusing on the need to educate and inform consumers as well as avoid fear-based motivation, the brand's goal is to empower people through education and curation, delivered regularly in a digestible cadence.

Launching a digitally integrated initiative, the brand is establishing itself as an informational hub complete with a  journal, preparedness texting hotline and bi-weekly educational series. The goal: to tame anxieties around emergencies by keeping consumers equipped with not only the right tools, but also the right—and right amount—of information.

In this video interview, Huck speaks with PSFK President of Research & Strategy, Scott Lachut, to discuss launching JUDY, how the brand is building trust with consumers and why optimism is a key part of his strategy.


Lead image: Courtesy JUDY