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How a Non-Profit’s “Microbachelor’s” Program Is Leveling Up Adult Learning

How a Non-Profit's “Microbachelor's” Program Is Leveling Up Adult Learning

2020 has caused transformation at high velocity—shifting business needs and often requiring new capabilities from staff. One educational program is helping anyone upskill their resume through a flexible and stackable education program

First it's the Bachelor's, then it's the Master's, and now—a MicroBachelor's degree. Non-profit organization edX created the flexible and affordable program to provide adult learners with the opportunity to grow and learn a new skillset, which many job seekers are eager for in today's quickly evolving job market. The degree is completed 100% online and functions as a step toward one's Bachelor's, with all credits earned being transferable.

The purpose of the program is to enhance one's skills in the evolving job landscape in order to match key employment requirements of today. Pathways of the MicroBachelor's degree include writing, marketing, IT, data science and computer science. Designed to be accessible and convenient for adult learners, there is no application to begin.

edX hopes aims to provide a means for students and older leaners alike to get a leg up, especially in a time where business needs are rapidly shifting and perhaps requiring even existing employees to acquire new skills. PSFK researchers identified the MicroBachelor's degree as part of their exploration of the reimagined workplace—find out more about the full research paper here.