NTWRK is leveling up consumers' product engagement through exclusive shoppable product drops during live stream programs

Live-streaming is increasingly blurring the lines between entertainment and shopping, as consumers, particularly Gen Z, seek out experiences to invest in—in this case the experience of product exclusivity, which shoppable show NTWRK is enabling through its mobile platform.

The live shopping experience offers viewers access to scheduled product drops from iconic brands, including athletic apparel retailer adidas. Shows feature products like sneakers, apparel and collectibles that shoppers can simultaneously purchase while viewing the live stream.

“What NTWRK does is give [fans] a deeper engagement on some of those things that they love and are obsessed with and also allow them to buy it at the same time,” said Aaron Levant, CEO of NTWRK, in an interview with PSFK. Speaking about the evolution of the relationship between retail and media and the power of connecting brands to fans, Levant said, “Now brands can build their own audiences, individual influencers or celebrities can build their own audiences. In many cases, I've seen lately that brands, especially strong ones, have a bigger audience than publishers.”

While NTWRK branched out to live events in 2019, the platform retains its mobile-first approach—a great advantage in 2020's lockdown limitations. For more ways that innovators like NTWRK are leveraging drop-model trends that began before the pandemic, check out the Art of the Drop research report here.