PodShare is enabling people in California to assume portable lifestyles, offering single-pod dwellings in select sunshine-state cities for members to rove between

In an increasingly virtual world where citizens are less bound to a single place by factors like jobs or family, nomadic lifestyles are on the rise. Even before the pandemic and the mass move to virtual work, one co-living community was making inter-city living and working possible: PodShare is an innovative concept offering people in California the flexibility to work, live and travel across cities like Hollywood, San Francisco and Venice—without ever breaking a lease.

The pay-as-you stay housing model provides individuals with their own affordable housing solution to test out and rent in expensive cities without the restrictions and commitment of typical housing contracts. Under the concept, each renter is provided with their own  “pod” accommodation which is equipped with a bed, storage, Wi-Fi and necessities to utilize during their stay. International or U.S.-based, interested parties can choose from various offers, from working for a day with a special pass, or bunking overnight for weeks.

Courtesy PodShare

PodShare is also a response to the astronomical housing costs of certain CA cities, often requiring residents to either foot high bills or endure long commutes. These community accommodations aim to provide affordable flexibility to promote greater accessibility, as well as cater to the way more people are choosing to live. PodShare is just one future-forward form of home & hospitality identified by PSFK researchers in a recent report—check out The Future of Home + Living.


Lead image: Courtesy PodShare