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Building Global Teams Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to this Recruitment Platform

Building Global Teams Just Got a Lot Easier Thanks to this Recruitment Platform

The advantages of being able to hire from anywhere in the world far out weight the challenges—and one remote employment service is ready to help manage the process so businesses can build truly global teams

With the seismic shift to remote work—and potentially no plans to return to office live—how companies connect with and build out their teams is also transforming. No longer are onsite interviews necessary, and neither are local candidates. Virtual recruitment does come with its own challenges, however, especially across country borders. To simplify the digital employment process, platform Remote is offering to do some of the heavy lifting for companies.

The service connects organizations looking to hire with remote workers across the globe, handling both compliance and taxes to streamline the recruitment as well as employment process. Remote stands in as the employer-of-record in each employee's permanent country of residence, which allows companies to legally hire from approximately 170 countries globally, including South Africa, Costa Rica and Canada. The hiring service also takes care of the ongoing paperwork, payroll and benefits.

Providing companies with in-country experts, employers are guided through each individual marketplace—effectively enabling a truly global, borderless workforce. Remote is just one among the innovative solution providers and services PSFK researchers identified in their recent exploration of the emerging workplace transformed by the events of 2020—check out the full paper here, and if you're interested in access but not yet a member, drop us a line!