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The Making of the Product Drop

The Making of the Product Drop

In this third post in a series based on the Art of the Drop report, we detail design manufacturing company PCH's strategy for helping brands and retailers carry out a successful product drop

To deliver a seamless and delightful consumer experience, brands and retailers should consider a complex set of processes when planning a (product) drop.

As part of a series of articles sharing content from PCH and PSFK's Art Of The Drop research report, here’s how PCH approaches partnerships with brands and helps them simplify the drop process, from concept to consumer:

PCH partners with brands (and their industrial design partners) at the concept level to develop an enhanced consumer product experience. At this time, PCH design engineers the product and suggests and integrates sustainable practices that consumers demand.

PCH works with brands to plan for global demand and delivery of the drop. To make drops successful, PCH integrates development, manufacturing and personalization with fulfillment, while utilizing statistically sized inventory to provide simple and agile solutions for the brand that minimize risks such as overproduction.

With trusted supplier partner relationships, PCH provides brands with optimal materials, technologies and innovations to match or exceed the intended consumer experience and sustainability requirements.

Providing the brand with full visibility (and peace of mind) at every step, PCH begins the manufacturing process, taking responsibility for design requirements, scale, quality, cost and availability.

As orders (global demand) come in, PCH packs out the product within its facilities. For each individual order, the product is uniquely personalized and customized, and within hours, packaged along with branding, language-appropriate instructions and relevant accessories.

PCH ships the package or drop direct from its facilities the same day as orders come in, tracking the product throughout its journey to the consumer and providing necessary visibility to brands during this process.

Within 2-4 days worldwide, the drop (with its unique and innovative consumer experience) arrives at its destination. Brands have full visibility and insight into the product from the time of order to the time of arrival, enabling them to process aftermarket engagement programs, rapid returns and repairs.

Understanding and minimizing the environmental impact across the product lifecycle is a top concern for brands and consumers.

This article is part of a series based on PCH and PSFK's Art of the Drop report—download the full report free here