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This Skincare Startup’s Hotline Answers Customers’ Texts On-Demand

This Skincare Startup's Hotline Answers Customers' Texts On-Demand

DTC beauty brand Versed created a hotline staffed by its team to provide skincare guidance and tips live 5 days a week

SOS, it's a zit! Not to worry, Versed has got customers covered. The DTC skincare brand developed a special hotline to answer consumers' questions about all things related to their beauty routines and products. From how to handle a blemish to the best way to apply moisturizing products, the Skincare Hotline is built to educate and advise consumers in the moment.

Customers activate the service by texting the service “SOS,” and then receive real-time expert assistance for skin-related questions. Available five days a week for on-demand aid, the hotline aims to be optimally accessible to consumers. Benefiting both consumers and the retailer alike, Versed harnesses the customer exchange to design customer profiles in both its Facebook group and CRM system.

Addressing concerns in real-time, brands are putting the customers' needs first with live support. And with stores still largely closed amidst the pandemic, shifting staff to virtual service saves jobs as well as preserves engagement with audiences. For more ways brands are future-proofing their business, check out the Future Of Retail Playbook 2020.