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Why a Baby Wipes Brand Opened a Virtual Hub for New Parents

Why a Baby Wipes Brand Opened a Virtual Hub for New Parents

WaterWipes is lending a hand to new and expecting parents during lockdown by hosting virtual expert-staffed panels and providing community interaction

Having a bundle of joy can sometimes feel more like a handful—and even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. To support new and expecting parents in caring for their newborns, baby wipes brand WaterWipes created a virtual community, dubbed the Early Days Club, that connects parents to healthcare professionals as well as one another to lean on for guidance and to promote wellbeing.

Hosted over the video conferencing platform Zoom, live panels staffed by influencers and experts address the hardships of the crisis for new parents in particular. Amidst lockdown, the platform provides the opportunity for live interaction and answers to parents' questions and concerns—and isn't afraid to get real, promising to “get honest about the things no one tells you, bust myths and squash self-doubt,” according to the club's site.

The Early Days Club hopes to provide solace and support during social distancing, which can be particularly isolating for new parents. For more creative ways brands are providing real service to consumers and heightening their engagement in future-forward ways, see PSFK's Future Of Retail Playbook 2020 here.