Cherie's beauty platform offers an authentic take on real consumers' makeup, fragrance, hair and skincare reviews

Skincare routines just got a lot easier thanks to online beauty community and ecomm Cherie, which acts as a beauty product dictionary on your smartphone. It spells out real consumer reviews, experiences and opinions on the latest beauty trends in skin, makeup, hair and fragrance. From what products to skip to cult-worthy favorites to keep on hand in one's beauty drawer, the all-in-one experience approaches beauty as a community-based effort by curating a product feed tailored to each beauty lover.

The personalized platform begins with a selfie. Beauty enthusiasts snap and upload an image of themselves to Cherie, which analyzes the photo to create a complete skin overview—dubbed the Cherie Skin Report. The report pinpoints problem spots like acne or wrinkles to connect consumers with products most relevant to their needs. It then customizes their app feed with product recommendations to match to each individual's skin type.

The mobile-first platform also prioritizes a social element, allowing  consumers to engage with one another's product reviews by leaving comments and emojis, and share posts that they enjoy. PSFK analysts identified Cherie in their research about maximizing consumer purchase confidence during virtual experiences—find out about more innovative examples here.