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DVF Taps Mastercard Retail Tech to Power Employees with Real-Time Insights

DVF Taps Mastercard Retail Tech to Power Employees with Real-Time Insights

The designer apparel brand is leveraging the fintech company's digital know-how to enable in-store journeys augmented with virtual discovery and data-backed personalization

Gone are the days of describing to store associates what garment you're looking for. Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) stores are leaving these frustrations behind due to the luxury fashion brand's partnership with financial service provider Mastercard, equipping associates with real-time insights for hyper-personalized shopping experiences.

The partnership leverages digital integration to provide data-backed product recs, offer analytics on store performance, and also allow for tech-enhanced shopper discovery. DVF consumers can engage with merchandise in-store via QR codes to find additional product information and even styling advice, as well as narratives around an item's design. Monitoring consumer-product engagement, Mastercard's tech will feed data on shopper behavior into the system, equipping associates with customized recommendations for each shopper based upon the day of the week, time and demand of items.

DVF's integration of Mastercard's retail tech also includes an in-store art gallery, which implements computer vision to impart stories on featured women—part of the luxury brand's dedication to women's empowerment. PSFK researchers identified the collaboration between DVF and Mastercard as part of a research paper on tech solutions for omnichannel retail at scale—check out the full free paper here.

DVF x Mastercard