Italic Black is a unique invite-only concept that allows subscribers to purchase a range of items from the same manufacturers of well-known luxury brands at fractions of the retail price

Turns out, direct-to-consumer is old news to today's consumers. Now, an online marketplace Italic Black is taking ‘direct' to the next level, going beyond cutting out the middlemen and enabling a business model where consumers pay for the true cost of the good itself plus fulfillment—and nothing else.

The online platform works by inviting interested parties to apply for membership, with a waitlist currently in the tens of thousands. Once invited, members pay a low monthly fee for access to Italic Black's one-stop destination for luxury goods, which range from handbags and apparel to bedding and even cookware. All items are unbranded and arrive directly from the manufacturers who produce for popular luxury labels. This process lets the items sell “at cost,” as Italic puts it, which means no inflated prices to cover expenses like those associated with branding and retailing.

Ultimately, Italic Black aims to truly revolutionize retail with a unique distribution model that connects consumers with the often forgotten manufacturers. PSFK researchers included the platform as a case study in a recent paper about sustainable solutions for a disrupted fashion industry— for more, check out this article.

Italic Black