The online designer outlet is helping brands and retailers put their excess end-of-season stock to market, letting them set prices and manage their own discount sales

Style trends go in and out each season, often contributing to inventory surplus when it comes to fashion & apparel—and only adding fuel to the fire in a 2020 climate dominated by unsold merchandise. Retailers are in dire need of sustainable ways to offload and even profit from their excess stock, which is where online fashion marketplace Otrium provides an answer, offering an inventory overflow solution that doesn't end in clothing combustion.

The platform partners with fast-fashion and streetwear brands like Steve Madden and Puma to create an all-in-one apparel outlet for last season's wares. The portal carries over a hundred brands and features unsold items at discounted rates, upwards of 75% off retail prices for registered members. On top of that, brands can curate their own outlet on the platform, where they can manage pricing and access consumer insights and analytics.

On the membership side, Otrium prioritizes consumer expectations for excellent service by offering next-day delivery, simplified returns and buyer protection to streamline secure purchasing. Otrium is a case study that PSFK analysts noted in research on innovative solutions and strategies for 2020's majorly disrupted and quickly transforming fashion industry—for more, see here.