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Cadillac Live Transfers the One-to-One Showroom Experience to Digital

Cadillac Live Transfers the One-to-One Showroom Experience to Digital

The auto brand launched a Live showrooming experience that connects customers with on-the-floor associates for close-up personal tours, then lets them book a test drive

While the pandemic of 2020 put many elements of life on hold, it simultaneously accelerated others, especially when it comes to digital transformation. Across a range of verticals, companies and institutions worldwide have been launching, expanding and future-proofing their virtual presence, and the automotive category is no exception.

American auto brand Cadillac is one to join this trend, revamping its test drive experience to continue serving customers during the COVID-19 pandemic—and doing so in new and improved ways. The GM division launched a platform called Cadillac Live, which takes the form of an online showroom where prospective buyers can have one-to-one video chats with sales agents, ask any questions they have, and embark on personal tours of in-car features. Afterward, customers can choose to test-drive vehicles of their preference at local dealerships. Having gone through the showrooming experience already, customers can skip right to the drive upon arrival.

In addition to providing much-needed safety and peace of mind during social distancing times, Cadillac Live also further streamlines the crucial car browsing and test-driving stages of the path to car purchase while maintaining a personalized, human-led experience throughout. PSFK researchers spotlit the Live experience in recent research outlining trending strategies driving the automotive industry's bright future—check out details on the deep dive here.

Cadillac Live