As retail and entertainment continue to merge, an innovative streaming platform is seizing the trend to let viewers simultaneously watch and shop new drops

As fashion brands increasingly utilize technology to create new shopping experiences in the stay-at-home era, the entertainment industry is also being forced to look for alternate revenue streams at a time when theaters and music venues are closed.

While merch has been a growing source of income for music artists in recent years, often eclipsing actual music sales for many independent artists, droppTV, an innovative shoppable streaming platform, is taking things a step further.

Utilizing AI & machine-learning algorithms capable of identifying apparel featured within video content, droppTV enables instant, click-to-buy purchasing, letting viewers shop directly inside the video and also browse artists’ virtual pop-up stores to seamlessly purchase merchandise like limited-edition streetwear.

Currently piloting with music videos, the platform aims to fuse entertainment with retail to create immersive and connected experiences directly linking brands and creators with their audiences. PSFK identified droppTV for research on innovative retail strategies for the disrupted 2020 holiday season—check out more inspiration here.