The upscale restaurant brand is turning to reduced-contact tech to keep doors open

While indoor dining may be only a pipe dream for New Yorkers in 2020, outdoors is another story. Combined with mobile-first tech that at once reduces contact and streamlines transactions, sidewalk and other open-air seats are cropping up around the city—including at the well-known Jean-Georges restaurants.

The Central Park West location is opening its doors for walk-ins and reservations alike thanks to its implementation of reduced-contact protocol that minimizes transactions between staff and patrons. In addition to implementing the bare necessities like gloves and masks for all service as well as six-foot table spacing, the restaurant will be leveraging digital menus accessible on patrons' own mobile devices for them to browse upon scanning a QR code. While nothing new, QR tech appears to be experiencing an uptick in application during a touchless 2020, which makes sense, as it's relatively easy to retrofit for business like restaurants and adopt for most consumers in a mobile-first age. It also provides opportunities to enable the efficient transactions that consumers have come to expect.

PSFK researchers spotlit Jean-Georges in their recent paper about ways food-service providers are leveraging technology to optimize their operational ecosystems. For more examples and inspiration of ways to create flexible, hyper-personalized retail & service experiences applicable across verticals, check out our related article and research.