The American auto brand encourages fans to hit the off-road and complete its specially recommended trails, then share their adventure with the community

With many people turning to the great outdoors in a year of social distancing, one well-known auto name is betting on digitally connecting fans of a particular trail activity. Providing off-roading enthusiasts with a way to learn about, share and try out new adventures, Jeep's Badge Of Honor mobile app experience is bridging the digital-physical divide.

The purpose of the e-community is to encourage connection via a branded hub for fans of taking the road less traveled. Badge of Honor offers members exclusive off-roading trails and maps complete with not-to-miss adventure highlights as well as difficulty ratings and reviews, photos and videos of fellow members' own adventures, and the chance to earn points for checking in and completing their journeys. Adventurers can check their progress during their trek as well as access any additional information they might need along the way.

Jeep will reward those who successfully finish their challenge with specially engineered badges to display on their vehicle. PSFK researchers highlighted Jeep's off-roader community activation in a deep dive into the future of the automotive industry—for more, check out this article.