OneDine is equipped to manage restaurants' floor by providing staff with table status, letting diners browse personalized digital menus, and handling checkout from patrons' own devices

Wining and dining out in 2020 just got a little easier thanks to the restaurant platform app OneDine, which lets patrons order and pay for meals straight from their phones. The all-in-one dining solution is serving up a hyper-personalized experience to guests by way of a customizable profile that can even relay dietary restrictions to the restaurant.

The contactless payment system puts guests in control, while limiting their interactions with servers. Hosts no longer need to hand out menus, as guests can access a digital version on their phones via OneDine instead. The listing is tailored for each individual, providing customized recommendations based on their profile and preferences. Additionally, the app enables restaurant staff to check in on tables in real time without interrupting guests at first bite, ensuring attentive service that is also convenient and safe.

OneDine ultimately aims to provide restaurants with an easy-to-implement 360-degree solution to help them meet heightened consumer expectations for personalized, streamlined and contactless service. PSFK researchers highlighted the app in a recent paper about ways food service providers are optimizing their operating ecosystems—check out more examples here.