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This On-Demand Mobile Platform Replaces Waiting Lines with Digital Queues

This On-Demand Mobile Platform Replaces Waiting Lines with Digital Queues

Eliminating lines while maintaining visibility for shoppers, Safe Queue's mobile experience allows customers to safely and remotely reserve a spot in line from their car or other nearby location

Among the many challenges that business with physical footprints are facing as social distancing protocol remains in place, what to do about inconvenient and potentially hazardous waiting lines looms large. Providing a solution to this common problem, a mobile platform called Safe Queue is working to help retailers, restaurants, venues and more move their lines to the digital realm.

The anonymous mobile app works by leveraging the GPS built into customers' phones, identifying those within 1000 feet of a store or other destination. Shoppers can simply tap the business as it appears within the Safe Queue app to join its line when they are close enough. They can also view details like how many people are in line, receiving alerts as the locations admits people waiting as well as a QR code to use for entry when it's their turn.

This application effectively allows customers to wait remotely, perhaps in the safe confines of their vehicle, while helping to provide them with the visibility to better prepare and manage their day. Furthermore, Safe Queue helps businesses control their capacities as well as build consumer confidence in their store experience through added control and convenience. PSFK analysts highlighted the mobile platform in recent research about strategies for successful holiday retail in 2020 — check out more examples here.

Safe Queue