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Community Ecommerce Platform Turns Everyday Consumers into Influencers

Community Ecommerce Platform Turns Everyday Consumers into Influencers

Teleport is a peer-to-peer discovery experience where anyone with the app can upload video shorts sporting their favorite apparel, then earn when viewers shop through them

Social media influencers play a crucial role in brand marketing, but the trend recently has moved away from paid sponsorships and toward ambassadorships, in which micro-influencers with smaller followings are given discounts and other perks for shopping and then sharing their purchases.

In the midst of this, Teleport is an innovative platform that invites members to create video shorts of themselves sporting products like accessories and apparel that they love, and sell them to viewers to earn a cut of the sale. Turning everyday consumers into their own virtual stores, Teleport democratizes the influencer economy while helping to authentically connect shoppers to curated merchandise through genuine social recommendations. Top-earning tastemakers can even be invited to become Teleport Partners, according to the platform's site.

In an era where many are feeling more disconnected than ever, consumers are looking to replicate the social aspect of shopping. Teleport seeks to create a community-based shopping experience based on genuine recommendations from friends and influencers. PSFK analysts highlighted the platform in recent research around strategies for holiday retail in a disrupted 2020—for more examples and trends, check out this article.