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AR Company Vertebrae Helps Online Retail Lift Conversions with Virtual Try-Ons

AR Company Vertebrae Helps Online Retail Lift Conversions with Virtual Try-Ons

The 3D and augmented reality commerce company helps brands and retailers provide next-level virtual shopping with its web-based try-on tools

Vertebrae‘s web platform, available on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, uses the depth-sensing front cameras on modern smartphones to accurately measure a user’s size. With this measurement, the platform can composite items like sunglasses, hats, or jewelry on the user’s live appearance at the original, proper scale, giving consumers the opportunity to see how they would really look wearing it.

Retailers using Vertebrae's AR try-on see a measurable return on investment: a 52% lift in conversion rate, a 42% lift in revenue per visit, and a 25% lift in average order value. The tool helps customers feel more confident in their purchases, offering consumers the chance to experience the benefits of in-store shopping without leaving their homes.

In addition to accessory shopping, Vertebrae also offers tools for furniture and home goods retail. The brand's Space AR feature uses augmented reality technology to show consumers how products will actually look in their home.

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