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Estée Lauder’s Branded Arcade Gamifies Consumer Discovery of New Serums

Estée Lauder's Branded Arcade Gamifies Consumer Discovery of New Serums

To promote its new anti-aging serum line, Advanced Night Repair, beauty brand Estée Lauder has launched the ANRcade microsite, where consumers can play arcade-style games and learn more about the product while racking up points

The ANRcade begins in the cosmos, with an epic, immersive animated tour of the history of Estée Lauder's anti-aging serums. From there, site visitors are taken to the phantasmagoric Hub, where they are presented with four games where they can earn “Youth-Generating Power Points,” each based on the serum and its effects. Players can choose between “Beauty Bounce,” “Smooth Satisfaction,” “Repair Racer,” and “Serum Quest.”

Over the course of these science fiction-like games, consumers begin to see the serum as futuristic, super-charged, and all-powerful. At Game Over, players can select another game or follow the “You've played, now explore” heading to the product's page on Estée Lauder's online shop.

The microsite entertains consumers, offers information about the product, and tells a powerful story about the serum and its abilities. The brand has even customized the gamified option in different countries to directly support particular merchants, by offering distinct samples or incentives based on consumer location.  PSFK researchers included the ANRcade in our research paper on how marketers are connecting with shoppers through interactive brand activations —learn more here.

Estée Lauder's ANRcade