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Levi’s ‘SecondHand’ Resale Program Fosters Lasting Customers Relationships

Levi's ‘SecondHand' Resale Program Fosters Lasting Customers Relationships

Denim company Levi's has created its first buyback and circular retail platform, SecondHand, in which customers can return their worn wares for resale in exchange for Levi's gift certificates

Levi's jeans were created to last. As a result, the brand's denim is a thrift store staple, and its vintage pieces remain popular among secondhand shoppers. Now with the label's SecondHand resale platform, Levi's is using its products' enduring appeal to build an ongoing relationship with its customers and to engage an eco-conscious audience.

Customers can drop off their worn denim at participating stores, where they will receive a gift card—anywhere from $5 to $35, depending on the age, condition, and original price of the piece. Customers are even encouraged to trade in items that they originally purchased on Levi's SecondHand, keeping pieces in circulation for as long as possible.

Additionally, the brand makes it as easy as possible for customers to participate in the resale initiative: Levi's takes care of cleaning, photographing, and listing the resold pieces and offers video explainers and DIY tutorials on vintage fashion.

The process engages customers on multiple levels. It brings in revenue from the SecondHand sales, generates store traffic with its in-person-only drop-off program, and incentivizes continuous interaction with the brand through the gift card buyback system. Furthermore, the initiative shows Levi's commitment to addressing the ethical and environmental concerns of many of its consumers. PSFK researchers featured SecondHand in a recent article on creating long-term value—read more here.

Levi's SecondHand