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Lincoln Supports Drivers’ Daily Wellbeing with Meditation App Collab

Lincoln Supports Drivers' Daily Wellbeing with Meditation App Collab

The luxury auto brand becomes a fixture of owners' everyday wellness practice by offering a complimentary one-year subscription to the meditation and mindfulness app Calm

Vehicle owners can access Lincoln's Calm membership offer by registering their vehicle in the Lincoln Way app, incentivizing customers to engage with Lincoln's app experience. An invitation in the message center shows owners how to set up their year-long subscription, valued at $69.99. From there, consumers can access Calm's library of hundreds of hours of meditations, master classes, stretching and relaxation exercises, sleep stories, and sound library through the Calm app.

“Travel can be stressful…which is why Calm and Lincoln are teaming up to help people relax their minds and their bodies,” the auto company explains on its site. “Together, we’ll work to offer busy, often stressed drivers (and passengers) a calming start before their journey, to relax and renew on the go.”

By linking owners' meditation routines to their daily travel in their Lincoln vehicles, the company makes itself an essential part of customers' wellness routines, strengthening their connection to the brand. Additionally, the collaboration with Calm gives Lincoln the opportunity to connect with consumers on an emotional level, showing care for customers' wellbeing, as well as reach a wellness-focused audience. PSFK researchers highlighted this collaboration in a recent research paper on building post-purchase value and engagement—find out more here.

Lincoln X Calm