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Outdoor Outfitter’s Voice-Powered Experience Takes Customers on Adventure Trails

Outdoor Outfitter's Voice-Powered Experience Takes Customers on Adventure Trails

Hiking footwear and outdoor gear brand Merrell has created a voice-powered feature that uses Alexa and Google Assistant to help adventurers locate and learn about nearby trails

Using their smart speaker devices, consumers can ask Merrell questions about outdoor excursions—a way for the brand to position itself as an expert in its category and activate beyond its product. With the help of Voicify, a platform that helps brands build advanced voice apps, Merrell's guided experience takes consumers through the process of planning an outdoor excursion. In addition to helping people find trails, the voice experience can also offer directions and difficulty ratings.

The voice experience is available as an Alexa Skill or a Google Assistant Action. The brand plans to launch voice commerce soon, allowing consumers to purchase products whenever they want, wherever their smart speaker might be. After all, if Merrell is a brand for people who love the outdoors, shouldn't their products be available outdoors?

“Where many brands try to make everything for everyone,” Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer of Voicify explains, “Merrell identified one of many moments in the consumer's life where they could be useful and built an experience for it.”

Merrell is just one example PSFK researchers identified as a leader of its category when it comes to brand activation in and beyond the home to become part of consumers' lives in expansive ways—for more, check out the research paper Engaging The In-Home Shopper.