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Outer Turns Owners into Brand Reps with Neighborhood Showrooms

Outer Turns Owners into Brand Reps with Neighborhood Showrooms

Outdoor furniture brand Outer invites its customers to host Neighborhood Showrooms where prospective buyers can view products in their neighbors' backyards

Neighborhood Showroom hosts serve as brand ambassadors for Outer, choosing from a range of possible ways to showcase the furniture to fellow consumers. They can host in-person visits for potential buyers, host other Outer events at their homes, answer customers' questions remotely via text, email, phone, or video chat, host events for Outer, or publish a profile with photos and a description of their space. In exchange, hosts will receive 10% off their furniture purchase, early access to future products, and payment for virtual or in-person tours.

The Neighborhood Showroom initiative gives customers an opportunity to connect more personally with the brand, engaging on a consumer-to-consumer level. The in-person visits give an approachable, neighborly face to the brand, and the virtual consumer-to-consumer assistance offers a feeling of authenticity and trust to the often daunting customer service experience.

With these ground-level initiatives, consumers are connecting with the brand from the outset, while they're still in the consideration phase. PSFK researchers included Outer's Neighborhood Showrooms in a report on brand initiatives to build lasting customer relationships—learn more here.

Outer's Neighborhood Showrooms