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Taco Bell Leverages AI to Personalize Digital Menus for App Members

Taco Bell Leverages AI to Personalize Digital Menus for App Members

The fast-food restaurant is enabling digital menus capable of real-time customization thanks to a partnership with Certona

Taco Bell is upping its game when it comes to providing personalized dining experiences. Following competitor McDonald's partnership with Dynamic Yield to advance its own digital transformation, the QSR famous for its Tex-Mex fare is tapping personalization company Certona‘s AI-driven tech to tailor its mobile app at the local level.

The chain restaurant's goal is to embed greater contextual relevancy into its digital menu experience. Members of its mobile app can peruse offerings that are not only tailored for their preferences, thanks to data on past purchase history, but also matched to their geographic location, real-time weather conditions, and even pricing—all of which influence purchase choices. Derrick Chan, director of ecommerce at Taco Bell, comments on the Certona partnership in a press release, explaining, “As a forward-looking company, we’re using the latest machine learning and AI technology to better deliver on those individual preferences.”

The fast-foot establishment isn't the only one to invest in enhancing personalization in a climate of of elevated consumer expectations and growing mobile-first audiences—for more examples, find out about accessing our report that highlighted the Certona x Taco Bell partnership here.

Taco Bell x Certona