The Yes's algorithm-driven experience tailors shoppable feeds that get smarter as consumers go based on their affirmative answers to "yes" and "no" style questions

Now, more shopping journeys take place online than ever before. So, how to stand out in an increasingly crowded space? Take inspiration from The Yes, a super-smart ecommerce experience that requires only one-word responses from customers to learn and curate shoppable feeds customized for their style.

With a focus on fashion, the affirmative-driven ecomm draws from hundreds of popular brands like Prada, Maje and Alexander Wang to build tailored, shoppable feeds unique to each user. The mobile app experience works by asking users simple yes/no style-related questions, getting smarter as they respond, and even ranking all merchandise that appears in a given user's feed by relevancy to their preferences. Beyond curating the feeds where every single user's homepage is unique, The Yes also works to streamline shopper discovery, helping them expand their horizons in a non-overwhelming way by showing them new brands they're apt to like.

To top off the premium tech-led experience, The Yes also provides entertaining quizzes and free shipping to members. PSFK researchers highlighted The Yes in a piece about leveling-up the new digital path to purchase—check out the article here.

The Yes